Modern Workshop

  • The injection workplace have total 73 sets injection machines all the machine assemble with the robot handsand self-supply material system .

  • 100,000 level dust free workplaces for assembling and packing.

  • Optional service for all kinds of laser printing , logo printing.

  • Automation is fully apply to the production including the soldering , screwing, gluing and package etc.


R&D Team

The department has an optical analysis and testing center, a product analysis and simulation center, etc.

Most of the engineers in the technology research and development center have more than ten years of work experience, and have rich experience in optics, structure, circuit, process, etc.

Number of engineers: 20

Technology Strength

The company closely follows the development direction of international and domestic new technologies, and has built a number of high-end technology research and development platforms, which has promoted the diversification of the research and development system. Among them, the light shape can realize the research and development of ISO standards, GB standards, German StVZO standards, French UTAC standards, Japanese JIS and BAA standards, American FL1 standards, Danish standards, etc., providing strong data support for test optimization, engineering design, and project guidance. .

Test equipment

LMT Lighting and reflector laboratories
ESD test
UV aging test
Salt spray
Waterproof test